Left Hand Workout

Hi folks, I hope everything is going well. Here’s a workout to develop your left hand reading the exercises 1 to 8 of the Ted Reed’s Syncopation, something that will keep you busy during this period. The exercise must be played in cut time: left-hand plays accents and right-hand fill-ins with ghost notes. Feel free … More Left Hand Workout

Stick Control Workout – Triple Accent Combinations

Hi folks, in this last lesson of the series “Stick Control Accents” I introduce the three accents combinations as shown in the preview image below. As discussed in the previous lessons remember to play the exercises with different dynamics, this is a workout that needs some technical skills: moeller technique, rebound and an ability to … More Stick Control Workout – Triple Accent Combinations

Stick Control Workout – Double Accent Combinations

Here’s the part two of the Stick Control Workout with accents. In the previous lesson, I introduced the single accent (in case you’ve missed, be sure to check out) now the things become more complicated adding two accents, as shown in the figure below. As discussed in the book Master Studies by Joe Morello, you … More Stick Control Workout – Double Accent Combinations

Stone Killer Exercise

Here’s another exercise based on George Lawrence Stone teachings. The following workout is designed to build endurance, speed, and accuracy between your hands… a daily work routine useful to warm up before a gig or a studio session.     In addition, put the accents on the downbeat or on the upbeat of every beat.

Quintuplets Lesson I

Here’s the first part of a series of lessons on sixteenth-note quintuplets, a group of five notes in the space of a quarter note. We start with a warm-up, playing the quintuplets with an alternate sticking (RLRLR LRLRL) without accents, and the bass drum on quarter notes. The next step is to add accents, playing various … More Quintuplets Lesson I