Left Hand Workout

Hi folks, I hope everything is going well. Here’s a workout to develop your left hand reading the exercises 1 to 8 of the Ted Reed’s Syncopation, something that will keep you busy during this period.

The exercise must be played in cut time: left-hand plays accents and right-hand fill-ins with ghost notes. Feel free to incorporate also foot patterns. When I practice on a drum pad I play the tambourine on the second beat, you can use of course the hi-hat and incorporate the bass drum.

left hand drum workout

You should be able after the first times to play the workout with the notation as written in the book. Here’s a short demonstration at 80 and 104 bpm.


Try also the same concept on the other exercises of the book, you can write also your own rhythmic line using eight and quarter notes, and of course rests. Here you can download the exercise, keep on drumming!




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