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I’m an Italian drummer, percussionist, composer, and music producer based in Budapest. I attended the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, studying drums & percussion with Gianni Di Renzo, Claudio Mastracci, and Roberto Gatto. In 2018 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree of jazz course in drums and percussion, with a thesis in Melodic Drumming. In September 2018 I completed a master’s degree in music for video games at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.

Throughout the years, I have played and recorded as a drummer and percussionist in different music projects, from rock to funk and jazz. As a composer, I composed a wide variety of music from electronic to jazz, to pop and classical, which frequently has been featured in various video games, mobile apps, and advertising promos. I released music for Neele Records, Rehegoo Music, and Epic Tones Records. I’m the founder of Timeless Music Network and Timeless Music Records.

Author of the books Jeff Porcaro Grooves: 8 Drum Transcriptions, Neil Peart: An Introduction to His Drumming Style, Orizzonti Musicali. Neil Peart: la vita, la musica e lo stile, Max Roach: 5 Drum Transcriptions, and 20 Essential Drum Transcriptions for the Modern Drummer, in 2016 I created this blog, a resource of drum sheet music, books, exercises, and everything related to the drums.

Francesco Vecchio