Stick Control Workout – Single Accent Combinations

If you want to work on 16th note accents Stick Control by G. L. Stone, as always, is a good way to develop this skill. As you know pages 5 to 7 of the book have no accents, the first part of this series of lessons refers to the single accent combinations.

This is a good exercise to improve your timing and work on sticking, especially when the accent is on the upbeat of the 16th note. In the video below I show you how can approach this workout: playing the exercises 1 to 4 with four different accent combinations.

You can work on the exercise sequentially playing the first column (Fig. 1, ex. 1-12) with the combination of the first accent (repeating the single line at least two times) and then moving on with the second combination.

Stick Control Workput Single Accent Combinations
Fig. 1

Stay tuned for the next part, and remember to download the PDF of the lesson (4 pages).



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