Stick Control Workout – Double Accent Combinations

Here’s the part two of the Stick Control Workout with accents. In the previous lesson, I introduced the single accent (in case you’ve missed, be sure to check out) now the things become more complicated adding two accents, as shown in the figure below.

stick control accent combinations

As discussed in the book Master Studies by Joe Morello, you can play the exercises with different dynamics:

  • f accented notes – p unaccented notes;
  • mf accented notes – pp unaccented notes;
  • ff accented notes – mp unaccented notes;
  • f accented notes – mf unaccented notes;
  • mf accented notes – mp unaccented notes.

Here’s the PDF with the exercises 1 to 12 with different accent combinations.



There are a lot of drumset applications that I’ll share in the next months, for example you can play an 8th note ride pattern with the right hand, orchestrating both accents with the left hand while the unaccented notes are played respectively with the bass drum and the left foot hi-hat. Try also swinging the 8th note with the swing ride pattern… is a good work to develop your hand/foot independence. Wishing you a wonderful and happy New Year! 🙂



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