Drum Practice Playlists

In our daily practice routine, we should dedicate time to playing along with songs. Whatever your level this is an essential part in order to achieve an effective practice. We should approach every song taking into consideration different aspects: drum beat(s), dynamics, fills, song structure, and time signature(s). Several listen of the song can give you an overall overview of these aspects, then you can isolate the main drum beat and play it until you are comfortable with it. If necessary you can decide to write out the structure, notating the main sections and some dynamics expressions. Playing songs of various music genres and styles helps you to expand your drumming with new grooves, developing your ability to play every style with the right feel and touch.

From jazz to shuffle and odd-time drum grooves, the following playlists include a collection of remarkable songs to elevate your drumming. Whatever your level and what you are looking for, here you can find something useful for you or your students.

Link to all the playlists: https://bit.ly/3BFDkNt [Available on Spotify and YouTube]

20 Classic Songs for Beginner Drummers – Shuffle Grooves – Jazz Grooves – One Handed Hi-Hat 16th Notes – Odd Time Signatures – Jeff Porcaro Shuffle Groove Collection – Vinnie Colaiuta Groove Collection.

I’ll add more playlists in the future dedicated to specific genres and drummers. If you consider this content helpful, feel free to share it on your social media pages, spreading it all over the world. Keep on drumming!


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