New Book – Max Roach: 5 Drum Transcriptions

While Jeff Porcaro Grooves: 8 Drum Transcriptions hit the first 500 copies sold, I’m glad to introduce new books and projects coming out in the next months and in the next year. Max Roach: 5 Drum Transcriptions will be the first of a series of sheet music books. The book is a collection of 5 drum transcriptions (drum solo, drum composition, trading fours) of some of Max Roach’s most remarkable drum performances during the iconic period of the ’50s, taking into consideration his solo works and the legendary recordings with Clifford Brown and Sonny Rollins. With an easy and clear notation, every drum part is accurately transcribed note-for-note and where necessary is indicated the sticking.

The book will be available from October in paperback and eBook format on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and my digital marketplace. Stay tuned for more updates, keep on drumming!


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