Paradiddle Grooves – Stick Control Application Part 1

The possibilities of the “Stick Control” by G. L. Stone are endless. Here’s a drumset application using the exercises 5 to 8 of page 5, to create different grooves based on paradiddles. The right-hand plays on the ride cymbal and the left hand on the snare with the ghost notes, accenting the 2 & 4.  … More Paradiddle Grooves – Stick Control Application Part 1

Left Hand Workout

Hi folks, I hope everything is going well. Here’s a workout to develop your left hand reading the exercises 1 to 8 of the Ted Reed’s Syncopation, something that will keep you busy during this period. The exercise must be played in cut time: left-hand plays accents and right-hand fill-ins with ghost notes. Feel free … More Left Hand Workout

Groove Like Jeff by John Di Raimo

I want to thank John Di Raimo for contacting me, sharing his article regarding the single-hand hi-hat technique, played by Jeff Porcaro on several tunes, in particular, I Keep Forgettin’ by Michael McDonald. Here’s the original article published by Modern Drummer in January 2009. These exercises are so helpful to master the single-hand hi-hat technique … More Groove Like Jeff by John Di Raimo

Stick Control – Triple Accent Combinations

Hi folks, in this last lesson of the series “Stick Control Accents” I introduce the three accents combinations as shown in the preview image below. As discussed in the previous lessons remember to play the exercises with different dynamics, this is a workout that needs some technical skills: moeller technique, rebound and an ability to … More Stick Control – Triple Accent Combinations

Stone Killer Exercise

Here’s another exercise based on George Lawrence Stone teachings. The following workout is designed to build endurance, speed, and accuracy between your hands… a daily work routine useful to warm up before a gig or a studio session.     In addition, put the accents on the downbeat or on the upbeat of every beat.

Ted Reed’s Syncopation – Jazz Interpretation (hi-hat in quarter note triplets)

It’s been a few weeks since my last post (since I’ve been working on different music projects), I’m back and for the next month, I have interesting stuff to share with you: transcriptions, exercises and a book that I’m working on… But now here’s a very common Ted Reed method useful to develop your independence, that consists … More Ted Reed’s Syncopation – Jazz Interpretation (hi-hat in quarter note triplets)