A Fill for Every Season #3

In this third episode I’ll share two drum fills I developed myself, which you can apply in various styles. The drum fills are primarily based on 16th and 32nd notes, starting from the second beat and ending with an accent on the snare at the end of the fourth beat. I arranged the drum patterns in a circular sequence, starting with the snare and moving to the tom, then to the floor tom, and back to the snare. As shown below, the two drum fills are similar. The second one features a variation on beats 2 and 3, including a five-stroke roll as notated.

rock drum fill transcription
rock drum fill ideas

Here is an application of the drum fills in a rock context, playing one bar of groove and one of fill (the slash notation indicates to continue to play the groove in the first beat).

A Fill for Every Season #2

Here we are with the second episode of this new series, something I’m sure will inspire you. With the first episode, I shared a drum fill played by Carlos Vega…

A Fill for Every Season #1

It’s always time to practice, transcriptions can give you new ideas to develop your drumming. Inspired by a drum lick played by Carlos Vega on the drum solo of “Oasis”…


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