Stewart Copeland: The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Full Drum Transcription)

Stewart Copeland’s drumming style is known for its technical proficiency, dynamic range, and versatility. Copeland’s background in jazz, reggae, world music, and punk rock influenced his drumming, resulting in a unique and eclectic style that is hard to categorize. He often incorporates complex rhythms and syncopated patterns with different textures and sounds. “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” is a hit song by The Police from the album Ghost in the Machine (1981), featuring a catchy melody and a perfect mixture of various styles. Copeland’s drumming sets the song apart and gives it a unique flavor. In this article, we’ll analyze Copeland’s drum part and provide a complete transcription. Whether you’re a drummer or simply a music enthusiast, this article will give you a deeper appreciation for Copeland’s drumming, and the role in making “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” a timeless classic.

stewart copeland every little thing she does is magic
© Lissa Wales

In the song’s opening bars, Copeland lays down a steady beat on the hi-hat, creating a pulsating rhythm and adding a unique twist to the hi-hat by incorporating delay effects. The delay on the hi-hat creates a distinctive echoing effect that adds depth and texture to Copeland’s playing. It’s a small detail that adds depth and complexity to the song, showcasing Copeland’s technical prowess and creative flair. Additionally, some percussion parts are overdubbed and added to the final recording, such as steel drums, cowbells, and tambourines. The chorus drum part is a landmark of Copeland’s style, featuring a mambo-oriented ride bell pattern with a snare rock backbeat. That’s the definition of genius.

The complete drum transcription for “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” is now available for purchase, including the note-for-note drum transcription and a notation key. The drum part is written in a half-time feel, at 164 bpm, to make the sheet music easier to read and with more space between the notes (alternatively, you can interpret the part in double time at 82 bpm). Keep on drumming!

the police every little thing she does is magic drum transcription
stewart copeland
Source: Drums & Drumming magazine

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