Jeff Porcaro Shuffle Groove Collection

After a long time spent transcribing, I’m glad to share a new project to help you to develop your drumming by exploring a great variety of shuffle rhythms. There’s no doubt one of the masters of this rhythm is Jeff Porcaro, who created memorable grooves from the rock shuffle played on “Lido Shuffle” to the iconic “Rosanna” shuffle. Learning from drumming masters is the best way to grow and expand your vocabulary. Here’s a collection including some of the legendary shuffle grooves played by Jeff Porcaro with artists such as Toto, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, Al Jarreau, Dire Straits, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many others.

jeff porcaro shuffle drum transcription

For ease of reading the transcriptions have been grouped into 4 main categories: Rock Shuffle, Half-Time Shuffle, 8th Note Triplet Groove, and Straight 8th & 16th Note Swing. The drum beats transcribed are presented in chronological order with some basic info for every song (album, bpm). The collection includes the main drum beat transcription for:

When you approach these rhythms, the most important element you should focus on is the hi-hat. Accents and open/close embellishments, as well as the snare ghost notes, are the remarkable aspects of Jeff Porcaro’s drumming style. Start slowly to have a good balance between the various parts. Let the groove flow over and over playing along with the song, and then you can add some variations and fills.


The paid version of this collection includes all the transcriptions listed above, the biography of the drummer, and the full drum transcriptions for Lido Shuffle, Child’s Anthem, Hold The Line, and Rosanna. Every sheet music is entirely transcribed note-for-note with an easy and clear interface, including a notation key. Keep on drumming!

jeff porcaro shuffle groove transcription

2 thoughts on “Jeff Porcaro Shuffle Groove Collection

  1. Hi. I have a question about “Jeff Porcaro Shuffle Groove Collection”. Is it the entire songs that are transcribed or only the main beats?

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    1. Hi! The free version of “Jeff Porcaro Shuffle Groove Collection” includes the main drum beats transcriptions for the songs listed in the post. The paid version also includes the full drum transcriptions for Lido Shuffle, Child’s Anthem, Hold The Line, and Rosanna.


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