20 Essential Drum Transcriptions for the Modern Drummer – Available Now!

My new book 20 Essential Drum Transcriptions for the Modern Drummer is now available in paperback and digital format. From jazz to pop, to rock and fusion, every sheet music is entirely transcribed note-for-note with an easy and clear interface, including a comprehensive notation key. 20 drum transcriptions plus extra content to inspire you to learn some of the most remarkable drum grooves and fills. A lifetime book for the modern drummer.

The book includes the full drum transcriptions for Africa, Aja, Are You Real, Don’t Speak, Fear of a Blank Planet, For Big Sid, Gaucho, Giorgio by Moroder, Good Times Bad Times, I Keep Forgettin’, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You, La Villa Strangiato, Lido Shuffle, Lingus, Oasis, One for Joe, Rosanna, Schism, Seven Days, and YYZ.

The conception of this work is to improve your own drumming by studying the great masters, with a collection of some of the most remarkable songs every drummer should know. For the purpose of this publication, the transcriptions have been chosen in order to enclose in one collection a great variety of music styles and drummers. I know I haven’t transcribed some drummers since it’s impossible to include them all in one book. A service of drum transcription request is available, feel free to contact me.

The drum transcriptions are divided by genre for better navigation and every song is provided with some essential info (bpm, album, drummer). Whatever is your level and what you are looking for, you can find something useful. Take your time and start your journey. Keep on drumming!



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