Max Roach: 5 Drum Transcriptions – Available Now!

My new book “Max Roach: 5 Drum Transcriptions” is now available on Amazon, Apple Books, and Gumroad in paperback format and in an eBook version.

Max Roach was one of the drummers who most contributed to forging the modern drumming style. He was active as a percussionist, composer, and bandleader throughout six decades of cultural and musical change. His early contributions to bebop opened up rhythmic and creative possibilities for the drum set. The transcriptions included are Blues Waltz, Conversation, Delilah, Mack the Knife, Take the “A” Train, and For Big Sid as extra. With an easy and clear notation, every drum part is accurately transcribed note-for-note and indicated the sticking where necessary. The biography of the drummer, as well as his discography, is included.



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