ERHYTHM – Product Review

Created by the full-stack developer, and musician Ahmed Abderrafie ERHYTHM is an app to help musicians composing new rhythms, share, customize, and playing world rhythms from the library. The project is based on The Geometry of Musical Rhythm (clock, rhythm wheel method), which allows users to see how rhythm works with an easy and helpful circle grid for every instrument. Selecting a rhythm from the library or creating a new one is possible to balance the mix, mute an instrument, or lowering and raising his volume. In addition is possible to change the bpm, the time signatures, the subdivisions, and setting the functions autoplay and autostop rhythm.

erhythm free rhythm composer

The app is available for free and with an easy interface, without any annoying ads, you can create your rhythm or select one from the library divided by styles. Every rhythm created can easily be shared. The overall app works great, I didn’t found any bugs. I hope in the future to see more rhythms in the library, which is actually in work in progress. As a drummer, I appreciated this innovative app, if you’re practicing or teaching this is a helpful tool to work on a new rhythm or create percussion patterns and drum loops to play along with. To know more and start to compose rhythms visit the official website. Keep on drumming!

erhythm composer logo

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