Quarter Note Triplet Exercises Part 1

In the past days, I worked on some exercises, new drum transcriptions, and books. Something I’ll be glad to share with you. It’s going to be a hot summer!

Here’s an exercise to work on quarter note triplets, developing coordination and independence. We start off with the basic pattern on the snare, then we add the bass drum playing various bass drum/snare combinations, from the bible of drumming Stick Control (Single Beat Combinations, “R” on the bass drum and “L” on the snare). The 3 variations are respectively a single stroke roll, a double stroke roll, and a paradiddle.

quarter note triplet exercise

We move the quarter note triplets of one eight note with the second exercise, playing the same combinations I show you before. Feel free to add your own bass drum/snare combinations.

Here’s available the full PDF with the exercises, keep on drumming!



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