No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Drum Sheet Music)

No Doubt released their third album Tragic Kingdom on October 10, 1995, for Trauma and Interscope Records. The album uses a great variety of musical genres from ska to punk rock, to pop and rock, with elements of funk, new wave, reggae, flamenco, and Tex-Mex music. The third single was “Don’t Speak” a rock ballad about the relationship lead singer Gwen Stefani had with bassist Tony Kanal for seven years. The song became the most played in American radio in 1996, with a record of 16 non-consecutive weeks in the number 1 of the Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay chart, and great success in the rest of the world.

Adrian Young of No Doubt became one of the most visible drummers in that period. He auditioned for the band of Gwen Stefani in 1989 while drumming for a group called Echostar. His talent impressed No Doubt and so he was invited to join them. He recorded all the albums of the band and played on their reunion. The drumming style of Adrian Young was inspired by drummers like Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart, John Bonham, Ian Paice, and others. He also played for The Vandals, Unwritten Law, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Bow Wow Wow, and Scott Weiland.

Tragic Kingdom is one of the greatest albums of the ’90s. Here’s the full drum sheet music for “Don’t Speak” entirely transcribed note-for-note.


“Don’t Speak” is a rock ballad written by Gwen Stefani and her brother Eric Stefani, and produced by Matthew Wilder. The drum track recorded by Adrian Young is based on an essential 16th note groove, with some tasty and syncopated drum fills. Young plays different cymbal patterns for every section, for example, the final chorus is played on the ride cymbal (8th note pattern, with the ride bell on the upbeat). His precise drumming provides a perfect balance to the music, contributing to a timeless hit song.

no doubt dont speak drum transcription

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