JK Drumplates – Product Review

Created by the drummer Joost Koopmans JK Drum Systems is a company developing products to get the most stable and ideal drum setup during and after a gig: a solution for drummers and drum technicians.
Among clients there are renowned drummers as Brent Fitz (Slash), Matt Alston (Machine Head), Jay Weinberg (Slipknot), Christoph Schneider (Rammstein) and drum technicians like Jimmy Clark (Metallica), Dorian Neidhardt (Tokio Hotel, Earth, Wind and Fire) and others. Check out the promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbJUNbTMrLc

jk drum plates drumeo

Started his own business in 2016, Joost marketed a new system under the brand name of JK DRUMPLATES: a product consisting of a mat or plates and a series of blocks called JK Hooves that holds the position of your stands. The system is provided with velcro on the bottom applicable on every surface like your own mat, you can easily block the stands of your setup and mark their position for your next gig. The JK Hooves are sold individually to €7.50.
Available in different models with various designs, surfaces and sizes including also a drumbag, the prices of the JK Drumplates start from €75 to €469. All products are made in the Netherlands, offering also delivers fast and cheaper in the USA.

jk hooves black
jk drumplates p serie
jk drumplates persian

A customization service is available to apply your own logo to the plate or for custom sizes.
This is a useful product especially for the big stage to get the most stable setup. The hooves mark the position of your stands makes quicker the set up of the drums for your next gigs, they are sold individually useful in small clubs to block the bass drum often sliding forward during the show. All the best to Joost and his great products!

Website: https://www.jkdrumsystems.com
Instagram: instagram.com/jkdrumsystems
Facebook: facebook.com/jkdrumsystems



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