WristGrips – Product Review

Hi folks, another product review here. A company called WristGrips kindly sent me and invite me to review his new product: a pair of wrist bands designed for musicians to help with nerve pain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and other ailments that musicians get from all the hours in practice and performance.
As described by the company.

“WristGrips were developed by musicians, for musicians. We know that you work hard doing what you love, and if wrist pain or discomfort is preventing you from playing to your best, or cutting sessions short, we are here to help”.



The package includes a paper instruction and two wraps ready to use for increase your stability, flexibility, and endurance, dampening also the vibrations (this is so good for drummers). The wraps are available in a one-size-fits-all so easy to apply on the wrists, using the Velcro strips.
I tested it in both practicing and performing situation playing the drums and the cajon, I notice an increased hand strength without suffering any pain for the entire performance… I expect to use it more times to appreciate his qualities. I haven’t found any lack in the construction, definitely I suggest this great tool especially for guitarists and drummers.

WristGrips for Drummers

WristGrips are available for purchase for the reasonable price of $19.99 (includes two wraps) for more information you can visit the official page. Keep on drumming!




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