Max Roach – Mack the Knife (Drum Trading Fours)

Hi folks, here’s another Max Roach drum transcription: the trading fours played on Mack the Knife (known also as “Moritat”) from the album Saxophone Colossus (1956) by Sonny Rollins.
The zip file includes the pdf plus an audio file of the drum part, enjoy.



Max Roach Mack the Knife drum transcription

I’m very proud to announce that my blog has been featured in an editorial on TutorfulThe article includes a collection of great drum resources: youtube channels, apps, books, blogs, and forums. If you are looking for a tutorial, a transcription or drumming apps, here you can find a lot of great stuff.

Many thanks to Rachael Sprague for her consideration and kindness, stay tuned for updates.



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