Philly Joe Jones – One for Joe (Drum Solo Transcription)

Sounds from Rikers Island (Audio Fidelity, 1963) is an album by jazz pianist and composer Elmo Hope. It features Hope on piano, Lawrence Jackson on trumpet, Freddie Douglas on saxophones, John Gilmore on tenor, Ronnie Boykins on bass, Philly Joe Jones on drums, Earl Coleman and Marcelle Daniels on vocals. The tracklisting is comprised of legendary jazz standards such as “A Night in Tunisia” and “Groovin’ High”, and also original compositions.

On the first track called “One for Joe” Philly Joe Jones plays an awesome and challenging solo. In addition to his drumming vocabulary, he uses various drum lick and techniques: pitch-bending, press roll, and a tasty hi-hat work on the ending. Here’s the download link:


philly joe jones one for joe drum solo transcription

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