3 Max Roach Drum Transcriptions

Here’s another of the collection “3 drum transcriptions” dedicated to one drummer or a specific music style. Max Roach is one of my favorite drummers, a great player and a creative soloist, one of the first to introduce the concept of melodic drumming (listen “Conversation” from the album Deeds Not Words). I chose from his works of the hard bop era some of his emblematic drum breaks and solos.

All of these drum transcriptions have been shared on the blog, and now all the material has been re-edited and organized in one printable PDF file (7 pages).

The transcriptions included are:

  • Blues Waltz (Drum Solo) –  Jazz in 3/4 Time (1957)
  • Delilah (Trading 4’s & Drum Solo) – Clifford Brown & Max Roach (1954)
  • Take the ‘A’ Train (Trading 4’s) – Study in Brown (1955)



max roach delilah drum sheet music

Max Roach Drum Transcriptions



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