Ted Reed’s Syncopation – Jazz Interpretation (hi-hat in quarter note triplets)

It’s been a few weeks since my last post (since I’ve been working on different music projects), I’m back and for the next month, I have interesting stuff to share with you: transcriptions, exercises and a book that I’m working on…

But now here’s a very common Ted Reed method useful to develop your independence, that consists to play all long notes on the bass drum and the short notes on the snare drum, together the jazz ride pattern with the right hand and the hi-hat with the left foot in quarter note triplets (starting on the second eighth note of the triplet). So the first measure of the exercise of page 38 would be played:

Ted reed's syncopation jazz interpretation

You should be able to play the entire exercise without stopping and at different tempos… so get your copy of Syncopation and have fun.

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