Paradiddle Grooves – Stick Control Application Part 2

Last month I talked about paradiddle grooves using the book “Stick Control”, in particular the exercises 5 to 8 of page 5. Here’s a summary of all the things discussed in the previous article.

paradiddle drumset applications

The grooves are played with the hi-hat on the downbeat. Here below the variation of the first groove (exercise 5) playing the hi-hat in eight notes, as shown in the second part of the video.

paradiddle drumset application

The next step of this lesson is to “move” the bass drum, reading for example the pages I-A to V-B of the book “The New Breed” by Gary Chester. This can be tricky especially with the last two grooves (exercise 7 – 8).

Don’t forget to improvise with all this material, there are a lot of combinations: playing the grooves on the hi-hat, orchestrating on the toms, displacing the backbeat and the accent of the bell of the ride.

This is my paradiddles salad. Have a great summer!



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