Best Wishes

Jeff Porcaro Grooves - 8 Drum Transcriptions (Second Edition)

My new book Jeff Porcaro Grooves is NOW available in paperback format. Thank you to everyone who has purchased the eBook version… I’m very pleased 🙂

Through the last two years, I transcribed some of the best Jeff Porcaro works, now all of these drum transcriptions have been set and re-edited in one book, which includes also a biography and an unpublished drum sheet music for Lowdown by Boz Scaggs.

Take a look at my drum sheet music and for those who have interested the commissions are open, feel free to contact me, and submit your requestThanks for buying and supporting my work, have a great Christmas and see you in 2018 with new stuff.

Toto Rosanna drum transcription, drum sheet music

Boz scaggs Lowdown drum sheet music


2 thoughts on “Best Wishes

  1. I just bought a copy of your Neil Peart Book, turns out that Hemispheres it’s my favorite album from Rush and I think you did a great work with the transcriptions, thanks a lot!

    Juan Rodriguez

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