Sunlight Song feat. Rel O’Keefe • Francis V Remix

Hi folks, here’s my new electronic music release: a remix of the tune Sunlight Song (feat. Rel O’Keefe) by De-Franco. This is the second release of my collaborative project Francis V with musicians from all over the world and I wanna thank you my friend De-Franco for letting me remix his beautiful work with the unique … More Sunlight Song feat. Rel O’Keefe • Francis V Remix

Max Roach – Conversation (Video, Drum Transcription)

A new look for my blog and some optimization for the old articles keep me busy but I’m preparing new stuff, exercises and articles, keep following me for updates. Since my video editing abilities have grown in the last month, the drum transcription for Conversation by Max Roach is now on Youtube as a scrolling … More Max Roach – Conversation (Video, Drum Transcription)

Kendrick Lamar – Damn (Groove Transcription)

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most important representatives of hip-hop of this decade. His album To Pimp a Butterfly (2015) was fully acclaimed by the critics and the next Damn (2017) won the Pulitzer Prize for Music. This album presents an introspective Lamar and important collaborations with artists as U2, Rihanna, James Blake, and Zacari. Combining … More Kendrick Lamar – Damn (Groove Transcription)

Daft Punk – Giorgio by Moroder (Drum Sheet Music)

Hi folks, here’s the full drum sheet music for the track Giorgio by Moroder by Daft Punk, from their latest album Random Access Memories (2013). The transcription includes the groove section and the drum solo part played by Omar Hakim, a notation key is included. For purchasing the drum sheet music go here: Daft Punk – Giorgio by Moroder (Drum Sheet Music)