Joey Baron – Effendi (Drum Transcription)

Hi folks, it’s been almost two months since my last transcription, but here’s new stuff: the intro and head of the tune “Effendi” with Joey Baron on drums. “Effendi” is a modal tune composed by pianist McCoy Tyner, included in his debut album Inception (1962). Mark Murphy’s version from the album Beauty And The Beast (1986) presents an inspired and … More Joey Baron – Effendi (Drum Transcription)

Joey Baron – Along Came Betty (Drum Transcription)

Hi folks, here’s the drum sheet music for Along Came Betty by Mark Murphy from the album Beauty And The Beast (1986), with Joey Baron on drums. The tune is a famous standard composed by Benny Golson, in this version Joey plays the head with the brushes and at the beginning of the solo section he changes to the sticks. I think … More Joey Baron – Along Came Betty (Drum Transcription)