Rush – Fly By Night (Drum Sheet Music)

Here’s the second part of the drum transcription series dedicated to Neil Peart. Fly By Night (1975) is Rush’s second album and the first with Neil Peart. He officially joined Rush on July 29, 1974, who needed a drummer for their upcoming North American Tour. In the ’70s, his drum influences were Keith Moon, Phil Collins, Bill Bruford, John Bonham, Michael Giles, Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchell, and Michael Shrieve. About Phil Collins and his work with Genesis and Brand X, Peart wrote the following in an article published on Rhythm Magazine.

“Phil Collins was an enormous influence on my drumming in the ’70s, and thus remains a part of my playing even today. His recorded drum parts with Genesis and Brand X in those years were technically accomplished, yet so musical even lyrical. His rhythmic patterns were woven into the intricacy of the music while lending a smooth, fluid pulse to the songs and extended instrumentals. His fills were imaginative and exciting, alive with energy and variety, while the refined technique was always in the service of the music. Even within those fills, Phil applied a jazz drummer’s sense of dynamics, which also guided his ensemble playing, and inspired me to try to incorporate that sensibility into my own approach. Plus, his drums sounded so good. Good-sounding drums are always the result of a good-sounding drummer and speak of the player’s touch. Phil’s combination of that quality and the natural drive of his playing produced truly melodic-sounding drum parts flowing and musical. One outstanding piece that reflected all of those qualities was the Genesis album ‘Selling England by the Pound’, from ’73. In the summer of ’74, just before I joined Rush, I attended one of the shows on that tour (at the Century Theater, Buffalo, New York), and it was simply a galvanizing performance, by him and all of that excellent band. The music from that night’s show echoed in my head long after, while Phil’s vocal performance ‘More Fool Me’, was a harbinger of a whole other career to come.” (Rhythm, August 2011)

The drum transcription is now available for purchase.


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