Kendrick Lamar – Damn (Groove Transcription)

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most important representatives of hip-hop of this decade. His album To Pimp a Butterfly (2015) was fully acclaimed by the critics and the next Damn (2017) won the Pulitzer Prize for Music. This album presents an introspective Lamar and important collaborations with artists as U2, Rihanna, James Blake, and Zacari.

Combining drum machines with the bass of Thundercat, the beat of the tracks present a connection between the past and the future: the old school rap meet the trap beat. Here are the main groove transcriptions of some of the most remarkable tracks of the album.





The great flow of Lamar is accompanied by a 16th note groove, the open and closed hi-hat and the bass drum pattern provide a hip-hop/trap beat.

Kendrick Lamar DNA





This is one of my favorite tracks… the main groove is a Bossa nova, a loop of two bars repeated until the end (with some stops).

Kendrick Lamar Feel





An old-school rap song features a trap beat. Put together the hi-hat and the bass drum part can be tricky!

Kendrick Lamar Humble





Featuring Bono Vox on vocals, the interlude of this song (02:34) has a brilliant slow groove, something you can play for an hour without stopping. Listen carefully to the original song to understand the beautiful feel of this groove.

Kendrick Lamar XXX



Here’s you can download the pdf of the transcriptions, enjoy.



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