How I Transcribe and other things…

With this technical post, I wanna show you the tools that help me to transcribe drum parts and transcriptions. Let me show you my basic steps:

1)  First, I import the original audio track on my DAW, Steinberg Cubase in my case.

2) So I listen the audio and use some EQ plugins (there are so many choices, personally I use FabFilterPro-Q2) to cut the sub-low and the very high frequencies, “boosting” for example the low freq. to spot the kick.


3) Slow down the audio (not much more, just to avoid to get worse the audio clarity) and loop the first section, usually the first four bars of the song/solo.


4) After listening several times, I write the part on the staff of my notation software “Finale”.

Finale - drum transcriptions

5) I repeat this procedure until the end, then I listen for entire the song following the transcription and making some adjustments, if necessary.

6) I complete the work writing the information concerning the song/drum parts: title, album, drummer, notation key, etc.

7) Now the transcription is ready to be shared!

Commissions are open, for any questions feel free to contact me at


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